Route Marshal

Route Marshal – Job Description

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th



What is a Route Marshal? The most visible and smiling volunteers along the route! They play an important role in directing and encouraging riders throughout the course. Not to mention being the eyes and ears on the course to assist event organisers. Route Marshals provide guidance to cyclists with directs and ensuring they obey event rules and signage – and give them a cheer along the way!


Specific Tasks

  • Ensuring safety of cyclists, volunteers and event staff
  • Provide event information to cyclists and general public
  • Directing cyclists through intersections, around corners and through traffic. Please note you are not required to do any traffic management.
  • Help fatigued, lost or distressed riders so they can regain composure and resume the ride
  • Maintenance of equipment – just in case witches hats, barricades or signage need to be fixed or moved during the day

Do I need any special skills? The ability to think clearly and act responsibly in a crisis and a general knowledge of road safety is a must. Plus an outgoing and encouraging personality to motivate the riders!

A day in the life of a Route Marshal

  • Collect your map, your Team Leader will give you your allocated position along the way and a route marshals kit with a vest, sunscreen, tape etc. Be ready to leave the central HUB at 6am to get to your volunteer position, if you have your own vehicle you can drive and drop some others off on the way. But if not your Team Leader will organise this for you. Don’t forget to pick up your lunch pack!
  • When you arrive at your position have a look around so you know where other marshals, landmarks and services may be. Make sure you are wearing your reflective vest.
  • As riders pass you, encourage them along their way and give directions clearly and loudly. Ensure you are standing ahead of the danger point and you can please clearly seen.
  • At the end of the day when the sweep bus passes and your Team Leader gives the ok it is time for you to pack up and collect any rubbish around you. Head back to the campsite to meet with the other volunteers!