Sweep Bus

Sweep Bus – Job Description

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 4th May



What the Sweep Bus? The sweep bus assists injured or exhausted cyclists by picking them up, assisting them and taking them back to the Central HUB. The bus tails the end of the rides picking people up and is also the sign to volunteers that the ride has finished and they can clock off. A license to drive a 24 seater mini bus is required to take on this role.


Specific Tasks

  • Become familiar with all routes and the Central HUB
  • Attend the morning route marshal meeting
  • In the event that the sweep vehicle becomes full, advise Route Manager by radio/phone & await orders for appropriate course of action i.e. take passengers to rest stop & unload, or transport to Central HUB & return to the end of the ride.
  • Assist the Route Manager with closing the routes and pick up any remaining volunteer route marshals

Do I need any special skills? A license to drive a 24 seater mini bus and strong communication skills for constant communication with event staff. The ability to think quickly and take direction to manage emergencies.